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We provide advanced manufacturing services blended with appropriate manufacturing excellence

Our Services

We make the complex simple.

Product Development

We develop new products, medicines, drugs and innovative drug formulations according to the client’s needs.

Product Development

Pacific Pharmaceuticals UK is always ready to join hands with you, be it a single study or an entire product development process. We provide expert support in the drug development process. It takes time and finance to develop a product that is effective and economically feasible. We make new products, medicines, drugs, and innovative drug formulations according to your needs. With us as your partner, your product development data will fully comply with all the drug regulatory demands.

We provide the following specific services in addition to complete product development:


  • Analysis to detect voids in data and auditing for your potential product identifying related data requirements and claims

  • Performing literature searches and analyzing published data to support your unique product

  • Providing development reports and plans with estimated costs and projected timelines

  • Selecting suitable study design and guiding according to the relevant guidelines

  • Advanced drug development & mass production along with strategic advice, process validation, quality control testing, and efficient technology transfer

Product Research

We help companies understand and tailor the products to match the customer needs.

Product Research

Developing a new potential product is a risky process. It requires market research, and not all the companies have this capability. A precise understanding of market requirements is through product research conduction. We aid you in solid comprehension and transformation of your product according to the market demands.  Pacific Pharmaceuticals UK helps you to conduct market research to evaluate its potential in the market and to avoid unnecessary risks.

We offer the best market research experience amongst all the pharmaceutical companies. Our research team has the following strengths:

  • Expert level skills and knowledge in the research domain acquired over many years of intensive practice

  • Ability to work efficiently with clients and eliminating the communication voids in your research

  • Greater adaptability and flexibility in drug research processing to ensure fulfillment of your demands

Our expert research teams work both nationally and internationally. The research drugs go through advanced testing and trial before they are validated and released at a market level. Research and development is the supporting base of our vision and future revenue. Our core focus is on recognition as experts in product research.

Dossier Preparation

We provide Dossier Preparation services for companies, which is a key part of any drug development program.

Dossier Preparation

A set of information and archives on a specific product is known as its dossier. It usually contains data regarding quality, administration, clinical and non-clinical pieces of evidence of a product. Each drug must undergo an assessment and review of its dossier before being registered and released into the market. The drug regulatory authority of each country regulates this process. We provide Dossier Preparation services for companies since it is the key of any drug development program.

It is rather costly to piece together all the product data in one place. A little carelessness in it can derail the product development process. Furthermore, the process of development and introduction of a new product into the market involves multiple stakeholders. Pacific Pharmaceuticals UK provides added support regarding all these challenges. Our strengths are the following:


  • Offering a comprehensive range of pharmaceutical dossier preparation support that streamlines your product registration for market use

  • A dossier-centric approach to your projects to ensure that you stay ahead of the game when it comes to advancing products to the clinics

  • Early formulation development through manufacturing and bio-analysis by keeping dossier in mind during every each of the drug development stages to guarantee immediate data availability

Technical Data Compilation

We also services to compile technical data for products to be used for product liturature. 

Technical Data Compilation

Compiling technical data for product literature consumes a lot of time, money, and effort. Technical data usually a messy process as it keeps changing and updating. Pacific Pharmaceuticals UK has a dedicated data collection team consisting of expert analysts that gather relevant data from resource databases.

Our proficient data collection team offers the following support to you:


  • Compiling qualitative data from various web-based resources within a given timeline

  • Providing comprehensive reports of technical data

  • Collecting market research data

  • Conducting surveys and questionnaires

  • Gathering consumer data reports

  • Product details, pricing & review data collection


We have a repackaging facility UK where we can repackage the drugs as per the specifications of our business partners.


Activities like repackaging, quality inspection, and assembling demands extreme precision. Thus, we follow these processes in closed manufacturing rooms according to the GMP standard guidelines. These procedures are time-critical, concern multiple thousand items, and allow no space for errors. We have a repackaging facility in the UK where we repack the drugs as per the demands of our business partners.

The rationale for repackaging is to avoid small production lot sizes, manufacturing errors, or to fulfill demands from customers. Our repackaging services have the following features:


  • Adding instructions for product usage on leaflets

  • Attaching papers to the product

  • Neutralization of products

  • Changing the size of packaging and bundling it

  • Relabeling of batch and articles

Toll Manufacturing

Pacific Pharmaceuticals can also provide services to process raw materials or semifinished goods for your company.

Toll Manufacturing

Setting up a plant not only consumes financial resources but time as well. Pacific Pharmaceuticals provide services to process raw materials or semi-finished goods for your company. We have advanced labs and manufacturing facilities to process the compounds or semi-finished products in various quantities as per demand.

Advantages of toll manufacturing services are the following:


  • Rent our hi-tech processing facilities without investing in your infrastructure

  • We have spent a great effort in careful ordering and installing equipment and building a proficient team of experienced scientists

  • Our efficient processing and manufacture team helps you to brings your product to the market without any delays

  • Get the product manufacturing processes done within the stipulated time without a margin of errors

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